Cervical Treatment

Sanjeevni Ayurveda in Jalandhar (Punjab)offers best cervical treatment with combination of accupressure, meridian therapy.Today’s cervical spondylosis is major problem in almost every young and aged person.It is also called as spondylosis. Cervical is the bone which is just backside of the neck which is called as cervical spine.If ignored then it can cause the chronic neck pain.

Symptoms of cervical:

  • Pain over shoulder blade.
  • Pain during upper arm,forearm,fingers
  • Stiffness in the neck and can get sometime worse.
  • Headache specially in backside of the neck.

How to prevent from the cervical spondylosis:

  1. Do neck exercise regularly
  2. Improve the sitting posture
  3. Use lower pillow

Early Signs:

If we neglect the problem then it can result into the slip disc.If we will not consult the doctor then it can effects our body and the person will feel the pain in the shoulders.The best exercise to strengthen back and neck muscles is swimming.Playing tennis and badminton also helps to get rid out from this problem.


An awkward sleeping position can cause cervical spondylosis over time.When we sleep on our stomach then the nerve gets stretch which cause the neck strain and misalignment of the joints.

How to cure it:

Regular yoga can help you the get rid out from this problem.Physiotherapy of the body also helps to get relief from the cervical.