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Low Sperm Count

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Low Sperm Count treatment by sex specialist in jalandhar ludhiana punjab


Low Sperm Count  is the main reason which affects the sexual life of the person.Because of the Low Sperm Count the women is unable to conceive the baby. This is because the countable sperm transfer to the women body during intercourse is less that results in the problem to conceive the child by the women..


  1. women faces the problem while dong the sex.
  2. Testicle area will get swelled or lump is created in that area.
  3. Facial hair or the hairs in the body of the men decrease.

How to treat the low sperm count by using herbal treatment:

Herbal treatment is the best treatment to get rid out from the problem of low sperm count and this treatment helps the partner  to live the happy sex life again. This brings the happiness not only in their sex life but also in their own life too.

  • Take the diet which contains vitaminB12, vitamin C, Antioxidants
  • Eat only organic meats and dairy

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