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The main reason of the cause of impotence is long disease or a long and major accident.The problem of impotence is very serious and if once it cured it helps to live life happily The problem of the impotency is also called as erectile dysfunction.We have the expert and efficient team of impotency which is detected and cured by them.


  • Low or No Erectness
  • Early Discharge
  • Small Size of the penis

Because of the impotency problem suffered by the person,the patient is unable to fulfill the desire of the sex of there partner which brings the differences in them.Money is not the medium which can only brings happiness in the life the good relation is also important for the happy life.The person only can have a harpy life if they have good sexual contact among them.During the erectile dysfunction if the size of the penis not get larger then if don’t helps in the intercourse and this always unsatisfied the women and this level of unsatisfactory while sex brings the distance between them.

Effects of impotence:

Low Time Period, Dissatisfaction of Partner, Low or No Erectness, Early Discharge. Every time thinking and even suicide condition can come.

Ayurveda Treatment For Impotence

We provide you the 100% save ayurvedic treatment for the impotence.So if you are suffering from this problem then contact at Sanjeevni Ayurveda Clinic.

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Sex treatment in Punjab