sex treatment

Low Time Period

sex treatment in jalandhar ludhiana punjab
low time period treatment by sex specialist in jalandhar ludhiana punjab

While having sex the male suffers from the early discharge which is also called as low time period.  Because of the reason of the early discharge both the couple don’t get satisfied from their sex life. This results into the unhealthy married life.   As a result female tries to find her love outside in order to fulfill her desire of sex.


  1. Brings weakness in the body
  2. Low sex derive
  3. Hair Loss
  4. Increase in body weight

How to treat the early discharge by using herbal treatment:

By taking the Herbal treatment helps the partner  to live the happy sex life again. This brings the happiness not only in their sex life but also in their own life too. Taking herbal treatment helps in :

  •  Thickening of the semen
  • Also helps to strengthen the penis muscles too.

So now take tension.Visit at Sanjeevni AyurvedaOur special ayurvedic treatment for impotence is 100 % safe and harmless.  Our team provide best ayurvedic treatment of low time period.

treatment for Low time period 

Sex treatment in Punjab


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